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QAnon nuts believe that the Astroworld disaster was Satan “snatching people’s souls”

Leave it to QAnon whackos to uncover a “conspiracy” about what really happened in Houston at the Astroworld Festival last Friday (November 5). According to these weirdos, the deaths of eight people can be lined to a ritual Satanic sacrifice and Kris Jenner’s birthday.

Wow. I mean, wow.

Vice reports the following:

The conspiracies offer a variety of “proofs,” like the T-shirt Scott was wearing, the imagery surrounding the event, and, of course, doctored and misrepresentations of videos from the concert. Like with all of these conspiracies, the numerology being broken down is never-ending and includes the time Scott posted his apology on Instagram, Kris Jenner’s recent 66th birthday, and that “Astroworld was exactly 666 months + 6 days after the founding of the Church of Satan.”

Scott and his organizers didn’t help matters with the imagery and messaging they used heading into Astroworld. Much of it, either real or perceived, featured nods to the occult. One, frequently cited, is the large head Scott fans walked through to get into the festival (it’s the head from Scott’s album Astroworld) resembling the famous Hieronymus Bosch painting Christ in Limbo. Another is Scott tweeting “Feast this Friday” before the event.

Then there’s this from QAnon John who apparently has quite the online following.

“Just more proof that cements this as a ritual SACRIFICE…These people are SO UNBELIEVABLY SICK, AND EVIL,” he wrote. “They do things like this to mock us, because they think we don’t know any better…Also, they are laughing at our stupidity, and naivety. There is NO such thing as ‘coincidence’. Ever. This Satanic ritual was WELL planned out in advance, and presented to be IN YOUR FACE WICKED.”

Again, wow. And people believe this sshit. Some of the videos positing this theory have already been viewed more than a million times.

If you’d like to head down this rat hole, try these links:

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2 thoughts on “QAnon nuts believe that the Astroworld disaster was Satan “snatching people’s souls”

  • Was there a need to throw this on qanon? I mean the people believing this stretch far and wide. But you morons need to bring political crap into it to try and remove any credibility from the story. Not saying that’s what happened here. But there is plenty of research to show hz freq generators can control ppl and effect moods. We normally use this for rest and relaxation but there is nothing saying it couldn’t be used for evil.

  • Yes. QAnon followers are crazy and delusional. Period. Full stop.


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