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Random Music News for Monday, August 31, 2015

It’s Princess Diana death day. Where were you in 1998 when you heard?

  1. Tidal is facing a $20 million lawsuit–and Drake is in the middle of it.
  2. Celine Dion is trolling for new songs from fans. This could be a giant windfall for someone.
  3. Michael Jackson loved eggplant pizza. Just sayin‘.
  4. Tyler Perry just bought Nat King Cole’s old piano for $150K.
  5. Need exercise? SoulCycle is sweeping America. It’s kind of like spinning but with, er, soul music.
  6. The twerking grandma. Yep, it’s as bad as you imagine.
  7. Burning Man: weirder than ever.
  8. Why does Apple need such a massive venue for its iPhone event next Wednesday. Could it have to do with music?
  9. Adele has reportedly been offered $5 million a week to play Vegas. Here are more details.
  10. I’ve been waiting to see this film about Joe Strummer’s Dodge for a while. It’s coming on DVD next month.
  11. Speaking of films, I can’t wait to see Rockin’ the Kasbah with Bill Murray.
  12. How a new government ruling could make Broadway musicals full of static.
  13. Prince story #1: His muse.
  14. Prince story #2: The day Prince called. (Via Bobby)
  15. Okay, these backstage demands are just stupid. What’s wrong with Rae Sremmurd?
  16. Kim and Kanye want to help a guy who needs a kidney.
  17. Chrissie Hynde is one of the most admired women in all of rock’n’roll but she’s getting slammed for saying this.
  18. New music tools for Vine!
  19. Kraftwerk is going to release a 3D album this fall. Wait: what’s a “3D album?
  20. It looks like there may be a new Coldplay album this fall.
  21. Shazam has lost $50 million over the last three years even though it has 120 million users. Something’s wrong.

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One thought on “Random Music News for Monday, August 31, 2015

  • Not sure where I was in 1998, but she died in 1997…..


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