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Random Music News for Saturday, April 18, 2015

It’s Record Store Day! Remember: the idea isn’t necessarily to buy anything. The important thing is that you visit your local record store(s) and just hang out for a while, communing with like-minded people.

  1. Beethoven’s deafness was apparently caused by a faulty gene. Do some rock stars suffer from the same thing?
  2. Here’s more audio of U2 rehearsing for their world tour in Vancouver. (Via Larry)
  3. This is a list of the top 30 12-string guitar songs of all time. Anything to add? (Via Tom)
  4. The truth (well, maybe not) LA’s weirdest band, Mac Sabbath. It’s a Black Sabbath cover band populated by McDonalds characters. They call it “drive-through metal.”
  5. Speaking of Black Sabbath, I wouldn’t expect Bill Ward to rejoin the group anytime soon.
  6. This an example of literally “living the dream.” (Via Tom again)
  7. David Bowie turned down an knighthood.
  8. Dave Grohl tells the story of the first Foo Fighters show.
  9. The proof is irrefutable: Madonna is a pop star vampire. (Via Tom yet again)
  10. I hope this guy didn’t pay too much for this t-shirt. (Via guess who?)
  11. On a related topic–sort of–Gene Simmons’ daughter is now working as a designer.
  12. Here’s a photo look at Jimi Hendrix back in 1967 when he was living in London,
  13. Prepping for summer: a list of heatwave songs.
  14. How a former music writer became Barack Obama’s social secretary. See? There’s a future in music journalism!
  15. Elton John moves out, Britney Spears moves in. Fun with Las Vegas real estate!

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