New Music From The Inbox: Adia Victoria, Grey ft. LÉON, Amaal, and more!

Artist: Adia Victoria
Song: Different Kind Of Love
Album: Silences

A distinct blend of roots, blues, and rock with enticingly sharp vocals and undeniable groove and energy.


Artist: Grey ft. LÉON
Song: Want You Back

This collaboration between grammy nominated production duo grey and Swedish singer LÉON is full of punchy synths, big beats, and satisfying dynamics.


Artist: Historian
Song: Quiet
Album: Hour Hand

Indie rock with an orchestral backdrop their overflows with sensitivity and grandeur. Beautiful!


Artist: Amaal
Song: Not What I Thought

R&B tinged pop with impressive vocals and a floor-shaking beats.


Artist: Chitra
Song: Better Than Before

A breathtaking ballad which makes use of organ, guitar, and ethereal vocals.


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