New Music From The Inbox: Emily King, Bengala, Clavvs, and more!

Artist: Young Hunting
Song: Every Little Thing
Album: True Believers 

This expertly crafted indie-pop track takes you on a journey that is surprising, gentle, super sweet, and so satisfying. You can find this gorgeous track on Young Hunting’s sophomore album, out February 15th!


Artist: Emily King
Song: Distance
Album: Scenery

Soulful, fun, and playful, and with astonishing vocals that will leave you breathless, this song is a total treat. 


Artist: Bengala
Song: Be Forest
Album: Knockturne

An atmospheric track with delicate vocals and thundering drums. 


Artist: Primaveras
Song: Can’t Undo My Love
Album: Echoes in the Well of Being

Irresistible bass line, catchy chorus, and perfectly timed guitar, this is some truly blissful indie-rock.


Artist: Clavvs
Song: Echo

A vibrant, fierce, magical track from this Brooklyn alt-pop duo.


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