New Music From The Inbox: Ben Howard, Mallrat, Julianna Daugherty, and more!

Artist: Ben Howard

Song: Nica Libres At Dusk

Album: Noonday Dream

This new track from Ben Howard is captivating in it’s gentle grandeur, a dynamic and blissful experience of a song.


Artist: Mallrat Song: Groceries Album: In The Sky

This new track from 19 year old one-to-watch from Brisbane is blissfully sun soaked, with conversational yet catchy vocal melodies that make listening feel like a chill time with a close friend.


Artist: Julianna Daugherty

Song: Light

Album: Light Out

This piano driven track is striking in it’s simplicity, with otherworldly vocals that will give you chills.


Artist: Blanco White

Song: Nocturne

A dark and ethereal folk-rock song that glows with emotion.


Artist: Polo et Pan

Song: Arc En Ciel

Bright electo pop to warm your soul with a delightfully interesting chord progression and melody that flits from major to minor.


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